Gruppo Alcuni Presents New Productions for Kids and Tweens at Kidscreen 2024


KIDSCREEN SUMMIT 2024, one of the most significant world markets for children’s content, wrapped up this past week, on February 8th in San Diego, and Gruppo Alcuni’s participation was highly satisfactory yet again.

For Gruppo Alcuni – comments Francesco MANFIO, CEO and Executive Producer – it was quite a positive 3-day experience, which enabled us to define substantial international co-production and distribution deals for our animated content throughout the world.”

Gruppo Alcuni’s animated series dedicated to LEO DA VINCI (104×13’) and the MINI PET PALS (208×6’ + 1 Television Special) received enthusiastic feedback, along with the new production MINI PET PALS & MINI DINOS (in production 26×6’), where our favorite characters meet delightful, unique friends.

We have high expectations for the MINI PET PALS & MINI DINOS series – Manfio continues – because it approaches the theme of diversity in an innovative way. In each episode, we come face to face with an ‘issue’ that arises from our young characters’ diverse backgrounds and cultures. However, they always cooperate together and turn their issues into opportunities for growth…

Mini Cuccioli
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Gruppo Alcuni’s new productions

At Kidscreen, Gruppo Alcuni highlighted its distinguished reputation as a leading European production company of content for youngsters by debuting GATEWAY 66, a unique live-action animated series about our planet’s evolution since the asteroid impact ended the dinosaur age 66 million years ago. In partnership with the prestigious MUSE Science Museum and Renzo Piano Foundation, the series is a co-production with Trentino Film Commission and RAI Kids, Gruppo Alcuni’s active collaborator.

The Kidscreen event was also the venue to connect with all partners on board for Gruppo Alcuni’s distinctive, brand-new project: The Black Diamond Race miniseries, co-produced by RAI Kids, Spain’s RTVE and Motion Pictures S.A. along with India’s Broadvision.

Francesco Manfio adds: “Among the important sessions at Kidscreen was a presentation by RAI Kids Executive Director Luca Milano, of what he called the Weltanschauung of RAI’s platform for kids and teens. It was an honor to be among the very few featured projects with our The Black Diamond Race. All our co-producers were attending, and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet up again…

The Black Diamond Race - Book Cover

The Black Diamond Race is a cutting-edge project in content and form. The plot focuses on a young shero, Rani, who dreams of becoming a race car driver in 1929. This thrilling adventure takes place in Europe and India and revolves around a wager, with a reckless rally race between our shero’s team (including two youngsters from Treviso, Ada and Franco) and the devious drivers on shady Mr. K’s side.

Considered a novelty among Gruppo Alcuni’s productions, The Black Diamond Race is a 9-episode, 45-minute miniseries, which involves the work of numerous artists and animators, guided by director Sergio MANFIO.