The Black Diamond Race

The Black Diamond Race


In 1929, the Western World is still in the full throes of the Roaring Twenties, while India has the masses gathering together with Gandhi for Indian independence. However, one thing the two continents share is a passion for cars, and car racing is quickly becoming very popular around the world.


India, 1929

The wealthy and respected Maharaja Jay Singh, who owns the famous Black Diamond, has a secret addiction for gambling. The mysterious, fascinating and thoroughly diabolical criminal known as Mister K (posing as Jacobus Van Wyk, a South African businessman) wants that diamond at any cost, so he convinces the Maharaja to gamble it in an extraordinarily unusual wager, which Mister K has intricately planned behind the scenes down to the smallest detail: a car race across India, with four different race cars and crews per team, along with the astute stipulation that the players’ offspring be part of their respective teams.

To raise the stakes, Mister K throws in three additional world-famous diamonds: the Green Dresden, the Florentine and the Regency; which is somewhat baffling to the Maharaja, since two of the gems are safeguarded in renowned museums and one is long-lost.

The Black Diamond Race - The Five Steps Through India

The car race

The Maharaja accepts, cajoled by Mister K and confident that the race will never ever take place. However, he proceeds to enlist his daughter Rani – the main character of the series – and his son Vikram to find the four best cars for team India, and grants Rani her dream come true of driving in one of them.

While Rani drags Vikram in a search for cars and drivers across Europe, unknowingly maneuvered by Mister K, we learn his shamaness Tuva’s Four Diamond prophecy which will bestow Mister K with incredible mastery if he follows the strict shamanic procedure to obtain them and awaken their vibrational power.

Rani and Vikram define their crews and state of the art European cars through seemingly coincidental encounters.

Thanks to Mister K’s dirty deeds, the three world-famous diamonds have finally upped the ante alongside the Black Diamond, and the Maharaja can no longer back out.

With Rani at the wheel, and three awesome crews that have her back against Mister K’s thugs and their sabotage tactics, the Black Diamond race takes us on a heart-stopping, epic journey through India and its mystical, stunning landscape.





Sergio Manfio

Sergio Manfio, Francesco Manfio and Anna Manfio

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