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Welcome to Gruppo Alcuni, leading European production company of animated content for kids and teens. Founded by Francesco and Sergio Manfio in 2006, our independent studio has become one of the most impactful in the edutainment field for ages 2-12.

With over 100 employees in Italy alone, we are dedicated to creating high quality content appealing to our young audience’s creative imagination. Our animation studio’s strict attention to detail in language, content and graphic style has achieved a reputation for overall excellence on Italian and international channels.

We branch out in various multimedia platforms, including cinema, television, publishing, games and social media. In fact, our YouTube channel is constantly uploading creative content tailored for kids. Along with all of this, our years of theatre expertise keep us performing live shows for the young ones!

Our catalog is a multimedia treasure-trove of superb child-friendly content. While our company’s structure in 7 distinctive and specialized divisions, allows for a highly organized approach to creating, producing and distributing TV series, formats, genres and feature films world-wide.

Our successful credits to date feature creating and distributing animated series in 137 world countries: Pet Pals, Mini Pet Pals, Leo da Vinci, Leonardo, Symo & Rose, Slash://, And Yet It Moves, H20oooh! and Vlady & Mirò. Our Ciak Junior – Kids producing cinema Festival and TV format currently engages 18 world countries.

Leo da Vinci Season 2
mini pet pals start school

We don’t just specialize in animation, we also support Gli Alcuni – Repertory Theatre Company, which was founded in 1973 by Sergio Manfio, Francesco Manfio and Laura Fintina. We also manage the noteworthy Alcuni Sant’Anna Theatre in Treviso and organize travelling theatre company events for children and adults all over Italy. In the city of Padova, we host a yearly theatre program for schools and families alike.

In 2008, we launched our multimedia Talking Trees theme park in a stunning 19th-century villa and historic grounds in Treviso. Originally designed by Giannantonio Selva, renowned architect of La Fenice Theatre in Venice, we have created educational trails for kids in this setting based on themes like dinosaurs, young Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, scientific discoveries, space and the cinema.

We are present well beyond the borders of Italy, and regularly attend major international festivals and trade fairs like MipTV Cannes, KidScreen Miami, MIPCOM and national events such as MIA Rome and Venice Film Festival.

Choosing to work with Gruppo Alcuni’s animation studio is an opportunity to fast-track alongside a multi-talented company, that blends creativity power and novelty to craft exceptional experiences for young audiences.

Explore our extraordinary animated world and fall in love with our captivating characters!


Sergio Manfio


President and Creative Director

President and Head of the Creative Department of Gruppo Alcuni Srl.
World-renowned Italian author and director in the field of animation.

Francesco Manfio


General Manager

General Manager of Gruppo Alcuni Srl.
Italian author and producer in the field of animation.


team studio di animazione gruppo alcuni