Gruppo Alcuni’s Leo da Vinci Takes Home “Best Director” at NYAFA


The 2023 edition of the New York Animation Film Awards film festival awards Sergio Manfio of Italy’s Gruppo Alcuni as Best Director for the animated series Leo da Vinci. The NYAFA festival, established and managed by film industry professionals of the Cinematography Awards Foundation, highlights select International animated entertainment in several categories.

Gruppo Alcuni’s Leo da Vinci Takes Home “Best Director” at NYAFA

This 1st Season of the Leo da Vinci series (52×13’) focuses on the action-packed adventures of 15-year old boy genius Leonardo da Vinci, during that extraordinary time in his life under the wing of the Medici family in early Renaissance Florence.

It’s an era of vibrant expansion in the arts and sciences, in finance and creativity, and teen Leo can’t help but thrive in this magical city.

Putting his master-mind inventions to good use in sticky situations, he also pursues painting and sculpture at Andrea del Verrocchio’s atelier, where he meets the young artists who will make Renaissance history.

Leo da Vinci Season 1 is a Gruppo Alcuni co-production with Rai Kids, Cosmos Maya, HR and All Rights Entertainment, and is airing successfully across Europe, with Season 2 heading for Mipcom in October!

Leo Da Vinci