Gruppo Alcuni Participates at Greek Animation Convention


Co-founder and producer Francesco Manfio spoke on The Significance of Entertainment, Education and Tradition for a Digital World.

Gruppo Alcuni Co-founder and producer Francesco Manfio spoke at a convention in Athens, Greece on The Significance of Entertainment, Education and Tradition for a Digital World. Sharing the Italian animation company’s successful production history, Manfio also hands Greek animation producers some key ingredients for creating a profitable and rewarding blend of digital media, culture and education.

In his presentation, Manfio also remarks: “I believe that animation, like every form of communication, has an educational element to it. Unfortunately, this is true whether those who produce it are aware of this or not… The advice I can give to Greek producers is this: tell stories that come from your extraordinary tradition and culture, and make sure you’re narrating them from a 21st century perspective. This is exactly what we tried to do for ‘Leo da Vinci.’”

The new season of “Leo da Vinci” (2x26x13’ CGI) soon to be released. The animated series is a co-production between Gruppo Alcuni, RAI Kids, Hessischer Rundfunk / ARD (Germany) and Cosmos Maya Animation Singapore.

“Leo da Vinci 2” begins with Lorenzo de Medici coveting a precious stone, after reading about it in the manuscript of Marco Polo’s travels. He assigns the search and recovery mission to our heroes Leo, Lisa and Lollo, who set off from Florence on a long and most peculiar journey. The adventure is even more electrifying when two sinister Merchants and a bunch of dastardly pirates (Blue Pirate, Shark, Cicala and Francis team up with the fiendish Red Pirate this time around) are hot on their heels to grab that precious gem first.

Credits: Señal News

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