Pet Pals

This project was developed by Gruppo Alcuni in cooperation with UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) and RAI FICTION.
It is a series based on storyboards made by children and teens from around the world: all on the theme of Peace. When Peace means not only solidarity, environmental conservation, non-violence, and cooperation, but also food, water, and education.

Synopses of some Episodes:

SHARING WITH OTHERS: In a hive, the bees are wasting their honey. As the hot season sets in, the flowers start to wither, and the bees find themselves in a tricky situation. A kind-hearted butterfly helps them, and the bees learn not to waste food.

FREEDOM: A young boy is trying to free a dove from the cage where it is imprisoned, but he can’t do it by himself. With the help of two other children, the dove is set free.

THE BLUE APPLE: A young couple is taking a walk through beautiful countryside. The boy takes a blue apple from a tree and bites into it. He stops, hearing a cry: it is the apple – symbolizing our planet – trying to defend itself from man’s attack.

THE BLACK CAT: Three little cats are playing in the woods, but they leave out a black kitten that would like to play with them. When the three kittens fall into a hole, the black cat comes to the rescue, and the four soon become the best of friends.

THE HELMET: In a desolate post-war landscape, a child uses a helmet as a pot to plant a seed. A soldier helps him, and we see the growth of hundreds of green plants from a mass of discarded helmets.



5-9-year olds


Sergio Manfio

Francesco Manfio

Production status

Gruppo Alcuni, Krisztina B. Simon

 A Gruppo Alcuni Production