Pet Pals


It is a series based on storyboards made by children and teens from around the world, all of them developed on the theme of peace. In this production, peace does not only mean solidarity, environmental conservation, non-violence, and cooperation, but also food, water, and education provided for all people.

Here are some example of the episodes:

SHARING WITH OTHERS: In a hive, the bees are wasting their honey. As the hot season sets in, the flowers start to wither, and the bees find themselves in a tricky situation. A kind-hearted butterfly helps them, and the bees learn not to waste food.

FREEDOM: A young boy is trying to free a dove from the cage where it is imprisoned, but he can’t do it by himself. With the help of two other children, the dove is set free.

THE BLUE APPLE: A young couple is taking a walk through beautiful countryside. The boy takes a blue apple from a tree and bites into it. He stops, hearing a cry: it is the apple – symbolizing our planet – trying to defend itself from man’s attack.

THE BLACK CAT: Three little cats are playing in the woods, but they leave out a black kitten that would like to play with them. When the three kittens fall into a hole, the black cat comes to the rescue, and the four soon become the best of friends.

THE HELMET: In a desolate post-war landscape, a child uses a helmet as a pot to plant a seed. A soldier helps him, and we see the growth of hundreds of green plants from a mass of discarded helmets.



5-9-year olds


Sergio Manfio

Francesco Manfio

Production status

Gruppo Alcuni, Krisztina B. Simon

A production from Gruppo Alcuni – Rai Fiction – Unesco