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SEASON 1-2-3

The series “And Yet it Moves” combines animation and live action.
It is set in a colorful animation studio where the main protagonists are two living and breathing characters, the head animator Sergio and his assistant Francesco, helped by a motley crew of cartoons: Lea, Rossino and Lello & Lella.
Thanks to the Cartoon Gate from the studio, it is possible to enter the magical world of fairy tales and cartoons, and meet the most famous of characters.

Season 1: Little Red Riding Hood

What ingredients make for an amusing cartoon? In the first series, our heroes must help the wolf from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, who is tired of always being the “bad guy” and wants to take on a new role. The only way to do this is to change the story, inserting a new character. A wizard is called to help the wolf change his part in the story. In doing so, the protagonists will teach young audiences exactly how a cartoon is made, from its creation, the study of features and expressions, to the drawing and voices of the characters.

Season 2: Sleeping Beauty

The second series opens with the animation studio in complete chaos: the Evil Witch has stolen the drawings needed to complete the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty! In order to save the Princess with the arrival of Prince Charming, our heroes are forced to use the Cartoon Gate, track down the Evil Witch, and retrieve the missing drawings. And so they enter the world of fairy tales, where they will have to solve, with some help from their imagination, numerous complicated, but amusing riddles. During each of the episodes, the children watching at home – guided by the friendly Francesco – will be able to play several games related to the different themes in the episode. For example, they will create faces with the letters of the alphabet, invent animals using numbers, and tell a story using road traffic signs.

Season 3: The Attack of the Aliens

Broccolo, Becchime, and their Boss are three unlikely extraterrestrials recently arrived in Cartoon City with the intention of destroying it. Awkward and clumsy, they leave numerous trails behind them during their comic sabotage attempts, thereby arousing the curiosity and observation skills of the two cartoon animators Sergio and Francesco, as well their irreplaceable helpers. Humor, action, and unexpected twists characterize this third series which is based on a winning, captivating formula: engaging young audiences, getting them to interact and become key players in the story from the other side of the screen (it is up to the viewer to uncover, thanks to a series of clues, who the real guilty party is, and to use their observation skills to solve riddles).

Ecotainment / Educational


5-8-year olds

Live Action & 2D Animation, SD

Sergio Manfio

Francesco Manfio (Gruppo Alcuni)
Annita Romanelli (RAI)

Sergio Manfio and Francesco Manfio

Sergio Manfio

Production status

Gruppo Alcuni, Krisztina B. Simon


A co-production between Gruppo Alcuni and RAI Fiction