“Mini Pet Pals – Start school”: the New Series is Now On Air


In its 4th Season, this brand new Mini Pet Pals series debuts on Rai Yoyo and RaiPlay as of October 18, with 3 daily episodes at 7 am and 2 extra episodes on weekends at 5:20 pm. Directed by Sergio Manfio, the adorable Mini Pet Pals are growing up just like their enthusiastic little fans, and are now heading to pre-school.


With a grand total of 208 episodes, this newly completed Season is still a Gruppo Alcuni-Rai Ragazzi coproduction that additionally boasts supervision from 2 educational consultants from major Italian universities.

After their amazing adventures in the Flower Garden, the Little Forest and the Shady Forest, the Mini Pet Pals are ready for a really cool school, where game-based activities are tools for learning about themselves and the outside world.

School is also a chance to make lots of new friends, who are sure to become favorites of our young fans too: Dazzle the Chameleon, who’s a champ at hide ‘n seek; Curly the rough and tough Hedgehog; Jasmine the Otter, with an unrequited crush on Top Hat; Coco the vain Fox, and Diva’s biggest fashion competitor; Nicky the die-hard gamer Woodpecker; and Freddy the Earthworm with a belting voice.

These and many more amusing characters animate this engaging school, where hands-on learning-by-doing is encouraged by attentive teachers in every situation, and our little friends acquire new skills and concepts through curiosity and creativity.

Of course there will be moments of special quiet time to ponder over events and experiences of the day. And this is where Methuselah the Tree is always there for our Mini Pet Pal friends, like a wise and trusted older guide.

Mini Pet Pals – Start School (Season 4) is a 52×6’ 2D animated pre-school series, directed by Sergio Manfio and co-produced by Gruppo Alcuni and Rai Ragazzi.