Sensational International Co-Production Crafted by Iconic Italian Creativity


Airing Prime Time on KiKA in Germany and Rai Gulp in Italy

A 13-minute, 52 episode-series tribute to young genius Leonardo da Vinci, conceived by Italian animation virtuoso Gruppo Alcuni, and co-produced with Rai Ragazzi, HR and KiKA, Cosmos Maya and All Rights Entertainment is currently airing simultaneously in Italy, and in Germany with impressive ratings of over-41% peaks in the 3-13 age audience range, and maintaining a stable over-32% audience average.

“Leo da Vinci is truly a great opportunity for Gruppo Alcuni,” comments series producer Francesco Manfio, “also because it confirms a quantum leap for CGI animation. It’s undeniable that our Leo has raised the standards and is currently ranking high among top-quality animation series. Given this great result, we’ve decided to continue our adventure, so the second season is already in development.”

“As director,” continues Sergio Manfio “it’s been an inspiring experience to work with such a qualified international team, where every member (German, French, Indian, and Italian of course) gave their all to the series success. We discussed aspects over and over again, but always aiming at creating a high-quality product.

Rai Ragazzi’s Director Luca Milano: “Leo da Vinci is a first-class series, amusing and educational. The fact that it’s airing simultaneously on Italian and German public televisions is a great sign and shows just how rewarding a collaboration between European networks and five-star independent producers, like Gruppo Alcuni, can be.

Patricia Vasapollo, HR’s Fiction and Family Executive: “Leo da Vinci is being aired on KiKA as of March 1st. At HR we are extremely proud to have co-produced this phenomenal animated series. We can’t wait to experience the adventures of the extraordinary teen genius Leo da Vinci, along with our young audience. We are impressed by the magic and passion that Gruppo Alcuni steeped into this series.”