Welcome back Slapstick!


An exquisitely entertaining tribute to everyone’s favorite childhood slapstick cartoons, the Vlady & Mirò series produced by Gruppo Alcuni and RAI Ragazzi is now ready to debut!


With an extraordinarily straightforward classic plot, Vlady the Bear and Mirò the Raccoon are holing up in a cave ready to hibernate for winter. Everything according to plan, except for one tiny detail: Vlady’s incredible SNORING which prevents Mirò from sleeping! Each hilarious episode revolves around Mirò’s absolutely wacky, dangerous, absurd, disastrous, silly and side-splitting antics to make Vlady stop. All this in 26, 5 minute rib-tickling must-see escapades!

And we just happened to get our hands on an excerpt from an exclusive interview Mirò granted Hollywood Cartoon (courtesy of the publisher):

HC: “How did you prepare for such an incredibly demanding role?”

M: “I’m going to tell your readers my secret: I hung out in Florida with the guys who played Wile E. and Sylvester, and their advice was really constructive. I’m sure the audience will notice how much they influenced me, especially when I crash-land.”

HC: “Did you manage to show them an episode or two?”

M: “They surprised me by showing up for the première and leaving this note in my dressing room: ‘It’s way easier for a coyote to catch a roadrunner, or a cat to eat a yellow bird than it is for a raccoon to keep a bear quiet! Great job!’ Signed: W. E. Coyote and S. the Cat.”