A group of youngsters, each coming from different parts of the world, meet during a summer music camp which is being held in a village in Tuscany (Italy).

One evening the group of five decide to go explore an ancient castle which has been uninhabited for many years. The excursion ends with the discovery of a very strange green stone which accidentally falls on the ground and breaks into a thousand pieces. Each of them collects a fragment of the stone to keep as a souvenir of their adventure.

They soon discover that the strange stone holds an amazing power: it allows them to be teleported through the internet.

The friends however are not the only ones that discovered the crystal’s power. A former university researcher, Cobra, has been searching for this stone for many years and he tracks it down to the abandoned castle just moments after the group uncovers and removes the precious stone. However, Cobra does manage to get a hold of a small crystal fragment.

As time passes, more and more strange and inexplicable events take place: for example the golden mask of Syros mysteriously disappears from the Egyptian Museum; the latest famous race car manufacturer’s blueprints go missing; an important painting is stolen from a gallery in Paris, and a very rare giant panda is kidnapped from a natural reserve.

The friends soon come to realise that all these events have the signature of someone who has the green stone and is exploiting its power for evil purposes. The group decides to use their green stone fragments and start investigating.

And so this 26 exciting adventure series takes off, where the friends come up against Cobra, surf through numerous websites, and travel around the world. The series deals with themes such as art, music, technology and nature using laughter, suspense, intrigue and mystery.



6-10-year olds

2D Digital Animation, HD

Sergio Manfio

Francesco Manfio (Gruppo Alcuni), Sonia Farnesi (RAI)

Sergio Manfio and Francesco Manfio with the collaboration of Anna Manfio and Davide Stefanato

Sergio Manfio, Lorenzo Tomio

Production status

Gruppo Alcuni, Krisztina B. Simon

A co-production between Gruppo Alcuni and RAI Fiction