Pet Pals in Windland

The Pet Pals head towards Puff, a small mountain village where everything works thanks to wind power. Our six heroes meet up with the Wind Keeper, a turtle who guards the “Spinwheel” that generates the town’s wind, and Nameless’ old caretaker.

Meanwhile, Crow Witch’s helpers are busy with her evil plans to destroy Puff with some very diabolical machinery, but they need a vehicle large enough to carry the equipment to town.

Crow Witch steals one of Nameless’ signboards, with his childhood chick-shaped yellow toy robot to turn into a huge flying machine! Now she needs to steal the Spinwheel from the Windkeeper, because her equipment is wind-powered too!
Nameless dreams about the theft, he checks and finds that his signboard has indeed been stolen. In its place, on the floor, lies a black feather…

The Pet Pals rush to the Wind Keeper to tell him what happened, and show him the feather. The Wind Keeper warns them to be careful, but unfortunately Crow Witch has heard every word. She captures the Wind Keeper and steals the Spinwheel. Suddenly everything in Puff comes to a grinding halt, while her diabolical machines begin their descent on the town!

The Pet Pals are wrongly accused and imprisoned, but they manage to escape thanks to Nameless. The fearless chick also takes on Crow Witch in an exciting battle of magic and wits, where – for a moment – all hope seems lost…

Needless to say, kindness and love save the day! Everything in Puff goes back to normal as the Spinwheel is returned to its place, and the Pet Pals enjoy flying away on the Giant Toy recovered from the battle with Crow Witch.

Someone, however, is watching them down below: Nameless’s mother, who escaped from the clutches of Crow Witch, and who is still desperately searching for her chick.
The director assures us that, sooner or later, she will find him…  



Family Film

3D and also in S3D

Sergio Manfio

Francesco Manfio

Francesco Manfio, Sergio Manfio with the collaboration of Davide Stefanato and Anna Manfio

Sergio Manfio

Lorenzo Tomio, Marco Fedalto

Production status

01 in Italy

Gruppo Alcuni, Krisztina B. Simon

A co-production between Gruppo Alcuni and RAI Cinema