Ciak Junior

CIAK JUNIOR – KIDS PRODUCING CINEMA is the only International TV project that introduces tweens and teens – 12 to 16 years old – to multimedia and audiovisual language.

CIAK JUNIOR is the annual project from Gli Alcuni that encompasses both the making and broadcasting of
short films (10 minutes each) written by students and produced by TV broadcasters from the participating countries. Stories written by children are collected within each country, and 6 maximum are chosen for production purposes.

The films produced in each country are then made available by each TV network for broadcasting in all the other participating countries. To this day, CIAK JUNIOR has included broadcasters from the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, China, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

More than 500 films have been produced to date.

Thanks to CIAK JUNIOR, all the participating countries have the opportunity of broadcasting films which focus on the experiences, dreams, troubles, and hopes of today’s children and teens.
Although each country is completely independent in the advertising, collection and selection of material, and in the film-making process, the CIAK JUNIOR team follows these guidelines:

1. the target is children aged 12 to 16 (entire school classes are involved in some countries) who are asked to write stories for a TV film. Newspapers, radios and TV networks advertise the initiative;
2. a panel of experts, which may include directors, psychologists and teachers, selects the stories to be produced;
3. a professional crew works in close cooperation with the children who wrote the film scripts.

This particular relationship between children and professionals in the audio-visual field is the absolute novelty of CIAK JUNIOR, and, considering the popularity achieved, the key to its success.

It goes without saying that broadcasting films made in different countries following the same guidelines is an extremely interesting opportunity both for the TV networks involved in the project and for the young audiences, whose numbers are ever increasing.

Belgium Backstage - Ciak Junior 2023


The CIAK JUNIOR project has its climax every year in the CIAK JUNIOR FILM FESTIVAL, with prizes for Best Film, Best Story, Best Actor and several more.
Watch 2023 Ciak Junior Festival in a nutshell!

All winners of the CIAK JUNIOR NATIONAL AWARD compete for the CIAK JUNIOR INTERNATIONAL AWARD, assigned by a jury composed of journalists and experts.

These prizes are awarded each year during the Festival, which is held in Italy (in 2023 in Jesolo – Venice). Everyone from the selected projects (authors and actors of each country selection) is guest of the Festival.


CIAK JUNIOR is also a television program aired every year. The films are usually also aired by the participating broadcasters in all of the countries involved in the Festival.

The program airs the films created annually by Italian schools, as well as a Special, filmed during the Festival itself.

Best Story Trento School  - Ciak Junior 2023


Short films

Tweens and teens

Live action

Sergio Manfio

Francesco Manfio

Students and teachers from middle schools/high schools