32nd Ciak Junior International Film Festival Awards in Jesolo


German Short Film ‘Need’ wins big at the Ciak Junior Film Festival, taking home the Best Film Award. Italian short film ‘Lupus in Fabula’ receives two awards: Best Italian Film and Broadcasters’ Prize; Italian short film “Post-it” is recognised for Best Italian Story. Themes at Ciak Junior International Film Festival 2024 centred around environmental protection, self-discovery, the courage to persevere, and the importance of peer support for young people today.

JESOLO LIDO (VE) – On Saturday, May 25th, 2024, the Ciak Junior Awards were presented to the two best short films written and performed by Italian students during a lively and enthusiastic ceremony at the Vivaldi Auditorium. Hundreds of teenagers filled the auditorium, their contagious energy adding to the excitement of the event. Local authorities were also present. The Festival also presented awards to foreign films competing in the main category, and to videos competing in the new School Videos and special Ciak Cartoon Jesolo categories.

Conducted by Sergio Manfio and Francesco Manfio, the founders of Gli Alcuni and creators of the Ciak Junior format and its International Festival, the award ceremony buzzed with infectious enthusiasm. Their signature verve crackled through the atmosphere, electrifying the entire room.

A remarkable 32 editions have come and gone since this project’s inception.

This year’s CIAK JUNIOR Festival saw the participation of Italian girls and boys from Brescia, San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI), and Feltre (BL). Three schools from Jesolo (VE) also attended. Also participating in the event were four foreign delegations and broadcasters, from Belgium, Germany (Munich and Mannheim) and South Africa.

Ecstatic students from Brescia took home the Best Italian Film award for their project ‘Lupus in fabula’. This film tells the story of Melissa, a teenager who breaks free from an unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend. The award for Best Italian Story went to ‘Post-it’, a film created by a group of students from San Benedetto del Tronto. This film explores the enduring relevance of poetry in a modern world, and it clearly impressed the jury.

YOUTH JURY COMMENTS: “The films were beautifully made and explored profound themes. The acting was impressive, especially considering the young age of the cast… ” When asked which foreign film they voted for, they responded: “The film we rated highest was ‘Need’ by IKHM Mannheim about climate issues. The lead actress was fantastic! Crying realistically during a death scene is incredibly difficult. The situation the film portrays could very well be real, happening to many people right now.”

Ciak Junior Awards 2024

Best Film 2024: “Need-Necessità”

Best Film: ‘Need’, produced in Mannheim (Germany) by the IKHM Intercultural Project in cooperation with India TV Kasimedia.

Best Italian Movie: LUPUS IN FABULA

Best Film: LUPUS IN FABULA, written and made by the students of Liceo Artistico della Novalis Open School, Brescia. This film tackles the critical issue of ending a toxic relationship before it escalates to violence. This marks a new thematic shift within Ciak Junior, driven by a burgeoning female consciousness and the undeniable influence of the #MeToo movement
Awarded by: Caterina Grassi – Canale 5

Best Italian Story: POST-IT

Best Story: POST-IT, written and made by the students of the Curzi lower secondary school in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP). This film explores the communicative power of poetry, specifically Dante’s works.

Best Italian Actress

Best Actress: awarded ex-aequo to the actress who played the role of MARIA, the leading character of ‘Post-it’, and to the actress who played the role of MELISSA in ‘Lupus in Fabula’.

Best Italian Actor

Miglior Interpretazione Maschile Italiana: DAVIDE, starring alongside MELISSA in ‘Lupus in Fabula’;
Awarded by: Fabrizio Cibin – Director ViviJesolo

Best International Group of Actors

Best International Group of Actors: ‘Ballerina’, a co-production between the Royal Ballet School Antwerp-Prince Dries and Urban college ‘Perspective’, in co-operation with Sound with Vision – Belgium.

Best International Actor/Actress

Best Actor/Actress: the girl playing Leonie in ‘The Grouch’, produced in Munich by Bavaria Filmstadt – Middlewood e.V. .
Awarded by: Christian Herger – Made On TV

Best International Story

Best Story: ‘Enough’, produced in South Africa by KIDDZPASS FILM;
Awarded by: IKHM Mannheim.

Broadcasters Prize

Broadcasters Prize: ‘Lupus in Fabula’ produced by the students of the Novalis upper secondary school of Brescia.

Ciak Junior Spirit Prize

Ciak Junior Spirit Prize: awarded to ‘Enough’, South Africa.
Awarded by: Dirk Timmermans – Sound With Vision

Treviso Provincial Student Council Prize

Treviso Provincial Student Council Prize: awarded to South African film ‘Enough’, with the following jury statement: ”As student representatives, we deeply connected with the themes chosen by the filmmaker. The well-being of students, the importance we place on what we cherish, and the human desire for recognition are universal fundamentals for us. We are pleased to share them today…”

Special Prizes

Ciak Junior – School Videos

Best School Video: “Let's get out!”

Best School Video: “Let’s get out!” written and made by class 3ªN of the Margherita Hack school in Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI). It is the story of a group of students intrigued by a letter from the future, who embark on a mission to prevent a dystopian future by tackling the harmful behaviours of their generation.

School Video Finalists: "Visioni"

School Video Finalists: ‘Visioni’, by the students of the G. dal Piaz upper secondary school in Feltre (BL).

School Video Finalists: "La casa fantasma"

School Video Finalists: ‘La Casa Fantasma’, by the students of the Calvino school in Jesolo.

Ciak Cartoon Jesolo

Premio Cartoon Jesolo Primary School

Ciak Cartoon Jesolo category: ‘Fantastica vacanza a Jesolo’, by the pupils from Jesolo’s Colombo Primary School.

Premio Cartoon Jesolo Middle School

Ciak Cartoon Jesolo category: ‘Un coniglio al mare’, by a group of students from Jesolo’s Michelangelo Secondary School.

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