MipTV Cannes: Gruppo Alcuni showcases upper kids productions


Gruppo Alcuni participates in MipTV 2023 in Cannes showcasing a wide TV series catalogue, aiming at a new target. 

Gruppo Alcuni showcases its latest productions at MipTV 2023 in Italy’s APA (Association of Audio-Visual Producers) exhibition space.

Executive Producer FRANCESCO MANFIO comments: “Gruppo Alcuni has always been involved in the international entertainment market, and this edition of MipTV is particularly gratifying because of our brand-new launches and co-production deals.”

Gruppo Alcuni is highlighting the hybrid series Gateway 66, a combination of animation and live action, which features a thrilling and cutting-edge approach to science for kids. This 26×6’ series is co-produced with Rai Kids and MUSE – Trento Science Museum, the Trentino Film Commission and the Renzo Piano Foundation.

A definite must for the international market is Gruppo Alcuni’s second season dedicated to world-renowned teen genius Leo da Vinci. Leo da Vinci 2 (52×13’) takes our Renaissance superhero, along with buddies Lisa, Lollo and Bianca de’ Medici, on the trail of a mysterious ruby described by 13th-century Venetian explorer Marco Polo in his Travels. In co-production with Rai Kids, HR, ARD and Cosmos Maya, Leo da Vinci 2 is currently in post-production with a TBA release date.

Our pre-school audience will be overjoyed to find their cherished Mini Pet Pal friends involved in new adventures and learning experiences with Mini Pet Pals & Mini Dinos (26×6’), where two seemingly dissimilar worlds connect and bond. With season 4 Mini Pet Pals Start School currently airing successfully on Rai Yoyo every morning, our young viewers are in for a great treat when this 5th series debuts!

Last but definitely not least, MipTV is the perfect venue to sneak preview a pre-production highlight of The Black Diamond Race, a new project which will launch Gruppo Alcuni in the Upper Kids genre.

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