Gruppo Alcuni attends 79. Venice International Film Festival


The animation studio showcased content
at the Venice Film Festival at Lido Excelsior hotel


In the frame of the Venice International Film Festival, leading Italian animation company, Gruppo Alcuni was part of the Veneto Film Commission’s two-part event that took place at the Venice Lido Excelsior Hotel.

A very exciting day for Gruppo Alcuni at Venice Lido.

The event kicked off with a tribute to the hashtag #andràtuttobene (#everythingwillbefine), which characterized Italy’s 2020 Coronavirus pandemic lockdown, with animations created from children’s art projects during that time.

Turning kids’ drawings and memories into cartoons

The “Mini Cuccioli” were the lead characters of this campaign. “We thought the cartoons had to be designed by children, and we are also thinking of cartoons dubbed by kids,” commented Sergio Manfio, Co-founder and Creative Director of Gruppo Alcuni.

With health and wellness taking center stage, Manuela Lanzarin (Assessore alla Sanità) and the doctor Francesca Russo analysed other themes developed by children in the Venice region, including friendship, family, respect for rules, and care for the environment.


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The POR-FESR project

The afternoon showcased Gruppo Alcuni’s latest successes, also made possible thanks to the POR/FESR (local and European funding) of the Veneto Region.

“We increased our production thanks to POR/FESR; it was not possible before,” affirmed Francesco Manfio, Co-founder and CEO of the company. “We are the only animation company in Italy that produces part of our animations in the country, although we also have co-productions with many international partners, such as Cosmos Maya,” he added.

Manfio shared his panel with Santo Romano, Luigi Baccialli and Jacopo Chessa from the Veneto Film Commission as well as with Joris Eckelkamp, Business Development Europe at Cosmos-Maya.


The involved TV series

Gruppo Alcuni has also presented the trailer for the second season of its hit series “Leo Da Vinci.”

“We were the co-producer of the first season, and we are happy to continue in the second season,” said Joris Eckelkamp. “This new Leo Da Vinci season starts in Florence but after some chapters occur in Venice,” added Manfio.

Gruppo Alcuni’s CEO also presented a sneak peek of the slapstick comedy without dialogue “Vlady&Mirò,” a co-production with Rai Ragazzi that will be launched soon on Rai Gulp and “Mini Cuccioli a Scuola” that will arrive at Rai Yoyo on September 12.

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