Italy’s Gruppo Alcuni celebrates its 15th Anniversary


In these years, Gruppo Alcuni has produced 22 animated series and 4 feature films, for a grand total of 7,436 hours of animated content. 

Leading Italian Animated company Gruppo Alcuni is celebrating 15 years in the field of animation. “Our cartoons are truly growing up, along with our Team!,” asserted Francesco and Sergio Manfio, co-founders of the company.

“And since we’re on the scene in over 137 world countries, which by the way are 208 but ‘officially’ 196, we only have 59 left to go on our bucket list,” said Manfio brothers.

“Our amazing partners on this extraordinary journey helped bring 6 ‘Pet Pals’ and 6 ‘Mini Pet Pals’ to life, so endearing and popular with kids all over the world. They enabled us to narrate the glorious adventures of young Leo da Vinci’ and Lisa, the buddies any kid would want by their side; they made a bear and a raccoon a reality, with ‘Vlady&Mirò’ on their constant mission to hibernate; and last but not least, the ‘Slash’ mysteries, ‘Simo & Rose’s bizarre escapades, and the astonishing tales of ‘And Yet it Moves’ and ‘Galileo’.” added the Italian executives.

“Our commitment to social issues has evolved into productions with UNESCO, FAO and the UN on projects such as ‘H2Oooo!’ centered around world water resource management; ‘Leo Expo’ where sustainable growth takes center stage; and ‘Cartoons for Peace’, a series dedicated to children’s dream for world peace.”, they concluded.


Gruppo Alcuni invited all the fans, young and old, to celebrate its 15th Birthday with a brain-tickling Name Game. The first 15 to guess the names of the cartoon characters of the studios received an autographed gorgeous original pic by mail!