Feature Films




Gruppo Alcuni Srl. is an independent European company, founded in 2006 by Francesco and Sergio Manfio. Both founders had previously developed years of experience in the audiovisual field as writers and producers of programs for kids.

With over 100 employees in Italy alone, Gruppo Alcuni is currently one of the most important European companies specializing in content for the 2-12 age group and teens. All productions have an appropriate language and graphic style tailored for the target audience. The catalogue stands out as a large, content-rich and child-friendly multimedia container. Our company is structured into 7 divisions, allowing for a highly organizational approach to creating, producing, and distributing TV series, formats and genres, and feature films world-wide.

Our credits to date include creation and distribution in 137 world countries of the following works: Pet Pals, Mini Pet Pals, Leo da Vinci, Leonardo, Symo & Rose, Slash://, And Yet It Moves, H2Ooooh! and Vlady & Miró. The Ciak Junior festival and TV format involves 18 world countries.